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Invasion – En enhjørningeparade

For thousands of years unicorns have remained separate from the everyday lives of humans, but this is about to change. Like a stone thrown into still waters the unicorns emerge, shaking up the daily routine with an explosion of energy.

Ikarus Stage Arts presents Invasion, a lively parade by a herd of cheerful and colourful unicorns. With music, song and dance, inspired by African, Balkan and Latin-American music, they make their way through cities and breathe new life into the streets – they visit schools and add something extraordinary to the students’ everyday lives – they pop up in shopping malls and surprise people whilst shopping etc.

The music is played during the entire planned route, with the addition of stops at different stations (town squares, street corners, etc.). A vast range of music will be played, from harmonica and trombone to African Djembe and Chinese Souna, and the dances are inspired by the joyous African and Brazilian movements. You can expect to meet a group of fun and cheerful unicorns, who interact with the audience, and melt the hearts of both children and adults on their way.

Duration: 1 hour

Age: for the whole family

Director: Carolina Pizarro

Musical leader: Rodrigo Contreras

Performers: Luis Alonso, Gabriela Arancibia Villagra, Karin Ahlström, Matias Dreva, Zunzana Duríková, Pablo Lara, Gracia Ríos Calderón, Michelle Marie Rodríguez, Francesca Tesoniero

Photos @Tommy Bay