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Grounding Scenic Presence

22. februar 15. marts

International Artistic Residency

21 days to train, explore and develop alongside participants from all over the world 

A unique creative experience, where the participants will live a journey from the acting training to the creative process in a respectful and inclusive environment, concluding with a group performance directed by Carolina Pizarro, Odin Teatret Actress and Ikarus Stage Arts Director.

The international artistic residency is a research space aimed to people desiring to deepen in performing arts through a learning specialized process. The students will be immerse in the exploration of different strategies to create scenic material and integrating the study and the exchange of reflections on the practice, theoretical ideas and their empirical application with experts in their own field from: Acting Training, Scenic Creation, Production and Archive.

The work has two cornerstones:


  • Daily physical and vocal exploration: Training as a bridge to creation.
  • Creation process: The travel to the dramaturge of the spectacle based on the principles of The Theatre Anthropology.
  • Performance: Community art in connection with local institutions.


  • Administration and sustainability 
  • Communication and promotion
  • Production: Technical Solutions
  • Theatre Laboratory Digital Archiving

This experience is a multidisciplinary research program at a professional level. Our commitment is to create a safe and inclusive space to discover and expand the participants interpretive needs and self – development. The process will be finished with a Performance at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium and in a social cultural centre. Each participant will write a short essay in relation of a research topic referring their experience at the GSP.

The program is offered to artists coming from different countries, performing disciplines, experiences and backgrounds. It is led in English, with support of translation in Spanish if it is necessary.

Grounding Scenic Presence – GSP / International Artistic Residency

February 22nd through March 15th, 2023


  • Artists with previous experience in performing arts (actors, musicians, dancers, singers and performers)
  • Participants should not have physical injuries

Logistic information:

To apply, send a CV, headshot and letter of intention to

Max. 16 participants

Option A: 

Training- Creation- Performance: Full experience 

22-02-23/ 16-03-23

21 days


Option B: 

Training as a bridge to creation 

22-02-23 – 04-03-23

10 days 


Option C: 

Scenic Creation 

05.03.23- 16.03.23

10 days 


  • Includes:
  • GSP Program led by experts: training and creative sessions; talks
  • Performances led by Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium / Odin Teatret Artists
  • Access to working spaces and common areas, such as Music room, Library, Archive and Video room
  • Accommodation:
    • Lodging for 22 nights at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium- Odin Teatret
    • Communal kitchen to prepare lunch and dinner. Fridges to keep personal food
    • Shared rooms, bathrooms and showers


særkærparken 144
Holstebro, 7500 Danmark
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