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The Dance of Intentions

The Dance of Intentions is an internationally recognised masterclass by Roberta Carreri. Carreri joined Odin Teatret in 1974 and she has been part of ISTA (International School of Theater Anthropology) since its foundation in 1980. Carreri’s work as an actor and teacher is shaped by her encounter with performance techniques from Japan, India, Bali, and China.


The participants work on creating bodily and vocal actions and on how these actions are performed with different qualities of energy. This happens, among other thing, through movement exercises in slow motion. And finally, the workshop focuses on vocal training with body resonators and with the relationship between vocal and physical actions.


This masterclass focusses on the individual actor’s presence in the room and in relation to the other actors on stage; on how to be present in the action you are performing and at the same time ready to react, and on how to find the body’s axis.

We work with “in-tention” and how to achieve dynamic immobility. The workshop also explores different energy qualities, and the participants learn how to identify and work with the points in the body where the leading impulse of a movement originates.


The aim is – in a relatively short time – to convey the basis of an acting education that can help young actors to discover their stage-presence by exploring a formalized stage behavior and to offer experienced actors a way to free themselves from automatisms and incorporated clichés.


If you or your institution is interested in facilitating the masterclass you can contact: workshop@ntl.dk

The masterclass can be conducted in Spanish, Italian, English and Danish.