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Theater meetings is an initiative for children and educational staff in day care, nursery, and kindergartens. The theater meetings are dialogue-based artistic exchanges between children, staff, and professional artist, where everybody contributes and where every contribution is valued equally.  


The theater meetings take place in settings familiar to staff and children. The theater meeting process includes a pre-meeting between the artists involved and the educational staff. This is followed by two theater meetings in the childcare institution. Here children, staff and artists gather and co-create. The artists bring a “Theatre Suitcase” filled with objects from the magical world of the theatre. These items provide a concrete but open foundation for the meetings.  

The meetings last approximately 45 minutes and it introduces theatrical tools and metods that can be used after the meetings in the everyday life of the intuitions.  


Part of the project consists of gathering knowledge, experience, and inspiration from the process. In this regard learning tools are continuously developed, and conferences and workshops are held for educators and daycare workers. Based on the Theater Meetings the Children’s Culture Group (Børnekulturgruppen) in Holstebro Municipality has developed the Art Meeting Model (Kunstmødemodellen), on which future art meetings between day care services and professional artists will be based. 

You can read more about the Children’s Culture Group and the Art Meeting Model on Holstebro Municipalies website: https://www.holstebro.dk/boernekulturgruppen 


Theater meetings have arisen on the initiative of Anna Marie Houe and Mia Theil Have. The project has been running since 2018 and was developed in close collaboration with Holstebro Municipality and the Children’s Culture Committee. Today, the project is led by the actors Alice Occhiali and Valerio Peroni. 

Se more on Holstebro municipality’s website