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Immersive lab for Innovation in Theatre making and Archive (ILITA)


ILITA investigates performing arts, technology and society. Designed as an interactive, collaborative research project with a broad network of artists, theatres, technology specialists/ producers, consultants, researchers and universities, primarily located in Denmark but with an international network.

ILITA researches and develops new innovative projects around mainstream and XR technology, in the practical process (the training room), in the creative work process (the rehearsal room) and in the immersive storytelling process (the archive room.

Democratizing access to technology and experimentation, by spreading hands on experiences of the latest technologies to performing artists through trainings, residencies, R&Ds, pilots making and networking sessions is one key area in the process of this investigation and development.

Digitally architect the archive experience as an on going immersive experience through customizing an XR ILITA archive toolbox. Another key investigation is to bring old and new stories of the Odin Teatret / NTL archive, or its building, to audiences both close by and far away, in a new artistic way using the XR archive tool box. The Odin Teatret’s whispering walls, rooms, books, performances, trainings, masks, objects, voices, and visitors, among others. (For ILITA it is the living archive.)

ILITA was founded in 2020 as a legacy and strategic development project by Dina Abu Hamdan in connection with Per Bech Jensen, director of Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium.


ILITA webinar – Network meeting I

The first ILITA webinar, which took place in Feb 2021, gathered a new network of creators, festival presenters, theatre makers, thinkers, producers and academics working at the junction of the performance arts and immersive tech across Europe and beyond.

The ILITA webinar was organised by ILITA project of Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium – Odin Teatret and co-presented and facilitated by ILITA – Dina Abu Hamdan (DK),  The Performance Corporation – Jo Mangan (IRL), Makropol and the XR Black Box – Mads Damsbo & Jakob la Cour (DK), with the support of The Arts Council Ireland and Danish Statens Kunstfond.


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