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Greenlandic language radio at the Nordic Theatre Laboratory

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Over the next three years, the Nordic Theatre Laboratory in Holstebro will receive DKK 7 million to establish Greenlandic-language programme production in Denmark.

The new podcast INUNA Radio is an auditory gathering place where Greenlanders living in Denmark have the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences across generations and city boundaries

says initiator and theatre manager Per Kap Bech Jensen.

We have always been a place that has given a voice to those who had none and INUNA Radio is the space where that can happen. It is a hub in the cloud and a bridge between Greenland and Denmark. We look forward to addressing this,

Per Kap Bech Jensen adds.

The podcast will operate at the intersection of past, present and aspirations for the future. The programme interface will include formats dealing with current affairs, news and entertainment. Emphasis will be placed on broad dissemination and interaction with listeners, including through various social media, as well as participation at various events.

The renowned Greenlandic composer and businesswoman, Arnannguaq Gerstrøm, is an employee of the Nordic Theatre Laboratory and is project manager for INUNA Radio. She invites a broad collaboration and participation in this new programme production, which will cover a wide diversity of Greenlandic-speaking listeners throughout Denmark.

Member of Parliament (SIU) Aki-Matilda Høegh-Dam is pleased that Greenlandic radio production is being established in Denmark.

In Siumut we set aside money for this purpose, as there is a need for Greenlandic radio programmes to be produced. Politically, we have set the framework for what radio production can look like, while the Slots-og Kulturstyrelsen has assessed and prepared who should be in charge of production. I am very much looking forward to listening to the programmes,

says the Greenlandic Member of Parliament, Aki-Matilda Høegh-Dam.

The Nordic Theatre Laboratory specialises in international collaborations across languages and cultures. Through the cooperation project, Corvus Corax 20XX, between the Greenlandic National Theatre in Nuuk and the Nordic Theatre Laboratory in Holstebro, the theatres have experience in creating sustainable collaborations between local and professional actors in Greenland and Denmark. The Greenlandic National Theatre is looking forward to contributing to INUNA Radio and theatre manager Susanne Andreasen says:

Telling the good, difficult or funny stories binds us closer together across great physical distances. It’s nice that we are here to communicate Greenlanders to Greenlanders, so the conversations can be deeper and different. Sometimes when we talk about Greenland in Denmark or to Denmark, we have to start by communicating or ‘translating’ a culture, we don’t do that here, don’t get me wrong.

The new podcast, INUNA Radio, will debut in February 2023 and thereafter with weekly broadcasts that will be available on all major podcast services.

INUNA is a play on the words Nuna (land/ground), Inuk (human/Greenlander), Inuit Nunaat (Greenland/human land) and Nunasivoq which means “to settle in a place where one was not born”. The word INUNA can be understood and interpreted from many different angles.