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From Amagaki to Shibugaki

– Geography of an Apprenticeship


A live working log dancing among theoretical and practical, technical and creative, mental and experiential. A constant dialogue with the viewer, who is invited to know the routes for the preparation of an actress in continuous learning. An actress who travels seeking to develop their own theatrical language, keeping in mind the possibility and the consistence of theatrical and life experience´s transfer.

The result is an opening up of the living process of the work of an actress who puts the spectator in the center of the cracks, efforts, searches and discoveries; an actress who dances and builds on the risk of the search, which is revealed through from different disciplines, and offers fine edge of a body that perseveres in the game of physical and vocal actions, improvisation and composition. It shares to the viewer the research behind the building of a show that will serve as a tool for deepening and support other professionals dedicated to stage work.

In this case Carolina, under the direction of Julia Varley, shares what she has collected over years of research: what she writes in her travel log. The medullar knowledge she received in meetings with teachers, and the woven into the nerves of his political vision according to her origins and social reality, approached from the point of view of who is learning.


With Carolina Pizarro. Directed by Julia Varley.

Duration: 1

English and Spanish

Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (Denmark)
Triskel Performing Arts (Chile)

During the demonstration Carolina Pizarro says:
The oriental kaki is an ancestral tree from Japan. If you take a seventy or eighty-year-old tree, all its fruit, without exception, will be bitter. Only when the tree is more than one hundred years old will the first sweet fruit start to ripen. What do humans do to get sweet fruit earlier?
They go to an old tree and cut the sweet fruit’s branch to graft it onto a younger tree. Some trees will start to give sweet fruit, while others will continue giving bitter fruit. This is the passing of experience for me.”

Premiere January 2016 in Denmark. Tour Presentations (2016-2020): Argentina, Bali, Chile, China, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Italy, Norway, Perú, Romania, Spain, Turkey and Manchester-UK.