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Former employees or collaborators

Actors who have participated in Odin Teatret performances, directed by Eugenio Barba

Former employees or collaborators

Actors who have participated in Odin Teatret performances,  directed by Eugenio Barba

(Working period as actor at Odin Teatret, from 1964 until present)


Tor Sannum (1964-1966) Performance: Ornitofilene

Anne-Trine Grimnes (1964-1968) Performances: Ornitofilene, Kaspariana

Torgeir Wethal (1964-2010) Performances: Ornitofilene, Kaspariana, Ferai, Min Fars Hus, The Book of Dances, Presenze e Figure, Come! And the Day will be Ours, Anabasis, The Million, Brecht’s Ashes, The Gospel According to Oxyrhincus, Talabot, Rooms in the Emperor’s Palace, Kaosmos, Inside the Skeleton of the Whale, Ode to Progress, Mythos, The Great Cities under the Moon, Andersen’s Dream, Don Giovanni all’Inferno, Ur-Hamlet, Four Poems for Sanjukta, Ego Faust, The Island of Labyrinths.

Jan Erik Bergström (1965-1968) Performance: Kaspariana

Lars Göran Kjellstedt (1966-1968) Performance: Kaspariana

Dan Nielsen (1966-1968) Performance: Kaspariana

Carita Rindell (1967-1968) Performance: Ferai

Juha Häkkänen (1968-1969) Performance: Ferai

Ulla Alasjärvi (1968-1969) Performance: Ferai

Marisa Gilberti (1969-1970) Performance: Ferai

Sören Larsson (1969-1970) Performance: Ferai

Ulrik Skeel (1969-1974;1978-1987) Performances: My Father’s House, Anabasis, The Million, Brecht’s Ashes. Since 1986 Ulrik Skeel is part of the administrative team at Odin Teatret.

Malou Illmoni (1970-1972) Performance: My Father’s House

Jens Christensen (1970-1974) Performance: My Father’s House

Ragnar Christiansen (1970-1974) Performance: My Father’s House

Odd Ström (1973-1974) Performances: The Book of Dances, Johan Sebastian Bach

Elsa Kvamme (1973-1975) Performance: The Book of Dances

Jan Torp (1974-1978) Performances: Johan Sebastian Bach, Gøglere og spaghetti

Silvia Ricciardelli (1976-1984) Performances: Johan Sebastian Bach, The Million, Anabasis, Brecht’s Ashes

Tom Fjordefalk (1974-1984) Performances: The Book of Dances, Come! And the Day Will Be Ours, Anabasis, The Million

Toni Cots (1976-1984) Performances: Johan Sebastian Bach, The Million, Anabasis, Brecht’s Ashes, The Story of Oedipus

Torben Bjelke (1977-1983) Performances: Anabasis, The Million, Brecht’s Ashes, Rooms in the Emperor’s Palace

Francis Pardeilhan (1976-1987) Performances: Johan Sebastian Bach, Anabasis, The Million, Brecht’s Ashes, The Gospel According to Oxyrhincus

César Brie (1979-1988) Performances: Marriage With God, Talabot, Rooms in the Emperor’s Palace

Gustavo Riondet (1984-1985) Performances: Anabasis, The Million

Richard Fowler (1987-1989) Performances: Talabot, Rooms in the Emperor’s Palace

Naira Gonzalez (1987-1991) Performances: Talabot, Rooms in the Emperor’s Palace

Lena Bjerregaard (1988-1992) Performance: Rooms in the Emperor’s Palace

Falk Heinrich (1990-1991) Performances: Talabot, Rooms in the Emperor’s Palace

Isabel Ubeda (1990-1997) Performances: Talabot, Rooms in the Emperor’s Palace, Kaosmos

Tina Nielsen (1992-1997) Performances: Rooms in the Emperor’s Palace, Kaosmos

Augusto Omolú (2002-2013) Performances: Ode to ProgressThe Great Cities under the Moon and Andersen’s Dream. ISTA production: Orô de Otelo. Theatrum Mundi performancesThe Marriage of Medea, Ur-Hamlet, Four Poems for Sanjukta, Ego Faust, The Island of Labyrinths.

Mia Theil Have (2004-2006) Performances: Andersen’s dream, The Great Cities Under the Moon, Don Giovanni all’Inferno, Ur-Hamlet

Sofía Monsalve (2008-2015) Performances: The Chronic Life, The Great Cities Under the Moon, Inside the Skeleton of the Whale, Ode to Progress.

Julia Varlay
Jan Ferslev
Frans winter
Else Marie Laukvik
Tahe Larsen
I Wayan Bawa
Parvathy Baul
Eugenio Barba

Sofia Monsalve


The Chronic Life

The Great Cities under the Moon

Inside the Skeleton of the Whale

Ode to Progress


Performances with The Bridge of Winds, directed by Iben Nagel Rasmussen

Performances with Teatro de la Memoria
Dun: Los movimientos del director de orquesta
Filibusteros: Opera rock
Flor de sangre

Sofía Monsalve was born in 1989 in Colombia. She grew up in an artist family where she from an early age was taking part in performances, workshops and went on tour with her father’s theatre group El Teatro de la Memoria from Bogotá. In 2000 she worked for 2 years at the Rosario Islands Natural Park in Colombia as a dolphin trainer.

In 2006 Sofia travelled to Europe to participate in the Odin Teatret workshop-performance Ur-Hamlet, after which she spent a period studying the Odin Teatret archives. Since 2008 she has taken part in the international research group The Bridge of Winds led by Iben Nagel Rasmussen, and in 2010 she produced the group’s meeting with Colombia.

Sofía was part of the Odin Teatret ensemble performance The Chronic Life and participated in parades, barters, cultural interventions as well as assisting Iben Nagel Rasmussen in her workshops on actors’ training.

Alongside her work with Odin Teatret Sofia participated in the Laboratorio di Altamira, directed by Pierangelo Pompa and is part of the on-going research programme Regula contra Regulam, directed by Raúl Iaiza.

Augusto Omolú (2002-2013)


Ode to Progress

The Great Cities under the Moon

Andersen’s Dream

ISTA production

Orô de Otelo

Theatrum Mundi performances

The Marriage of Medea


Four Poems for Sanjukta

Ego Faust

The Island of Labyrint

Augusto Omolú (1962 – 2013) was born in Salvador, Bahia, and grew up within the religious world of the Candomblé, where he was ogan (ceremonial assistant). He began to dance in 1976 with the ensemble Viva Bahia directed by Emília Biancardi. After studying classical ballet and modern dance, he joined the Castro Alves Ballet. and was from 1982 responsible for a course in “Afro-Brazilian technique” at the Castro Alves Theatre. During the years 1983-1985, he created and directed the company Chama, working both as a dancer and choreographer. Augusto Omolú collaborated with ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology) from 1994 and in 2002 he joined Odin Teatret as an actor. He gave workshops in Orixá dance technique for dance and theatre students around the world and made choreographies for ballet and modern dance companies in Brazil, Denmark and Italy. His performance Orô de Otelo, directed by Eugenio Barba, brought together his experiences with the Candomblé tradition and techniques learnt at Odin Teatret and ISTA. Augusto Omolú sometimes presented fragments of Orô de Otelo as a work demonstration.